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Entry #4

Time for a story.

2009-09-10 12:25:16 by LordDoom01

There was once a man named Bibble. He had a job he loved over everything else. He was a cheese inspector. Then one day, the method to make cheese was lost. The creation of cheese was left entirely to machines, but when a computer virus attacked several factories, the method was lost. Many people tried to rediscover the method but not many people knew what all types of cheese tasted like. So Bibble made it his mission to taste everyone's cheese to confirm if it was the cheese it was supposed to be as he being a cheese inspector, he had tasted all the cheeses on the planet. Many people he encountered were honored by his arrival wether or not he approved of their cheese. Many years past and with Bibbles' help, almost all cheeses were rediscovered. Then tragedy struck, the blue cheese he tested was too moldy and poisoned him. He survived but the mold had damaged his tongue. He could no longer taste anything. He felt down trodden. He knew others could decide the remaining cheeses but he could no longer taste the thing he loved. The end.


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